April 1, 2012.


We present Dynamic ML: a dynamically typed language in the ML family. We show how Dynamic ML provides modern programming-language features, such as type reflection and implicit coercions. In addition, we show how the existing optimizing compiler infrastructure of Standard ML of New Jersey outperforms that of other dynamically typed programming languages currently in wide-spread use.


Ian Zerny. A modern optimizing compiler for a dynamically typed programming language: Standard ML of New Jersey (preliminary report). In Ben Blum and Robert J. Simmons, editors, Proceedings of the 2012 ACH SIGBOVIK Special Interest Group on Harry Quiver Bovik (SIGBOVIK 2012). ACH Press, April 1 2012, 85–93. Received the Most Frighteningly Like Real Research award. [PDF].

Dynamic ML implementation. Revision April 2012.

SIGBOVIK 2012 presentation (also found in the implementation archive).

Official SIGBOVIK12 website.