Joint work with Thomas Salomon.


The dsvmopt VM is a feature complete virtual machine for DAIMI-Scheme with a JIT compiler targeting x86. The entire VM is less than 2000 lines of code with less than 100 lines of C and it features an embedded domain-specific language for generating x86 instructions. The VM was written as part of the Virtual Machine course given by Lars Bak (Google) at Aarhus University in 2008.

DAIMI-Scheme is a strict subset of Scheme developed and used for the compiler course at Aarhus University and features higher order functions and first class continuations.

Disclaimer: this project is written specifically for 32-bit x86 and has only been tested on select systems. Use it at your own risk.


The project report and presentation slides from the virtual machine course (Revised 2011).

Source code as a darcs repository and as a source tarball.